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Catholics vote to abolish America

Do you remember where you were on May 25th, 2006 at 5:39 PM Eastern Time? You may not know it, but it was at this time on this date that a coalition of Roman Catholics and Jews in the US Senate voted to abolish the United States of America.

It was at this time on this date that the S.2611 Immigration Bill was passed, which not only allows for double current legal immigration levels, but provides for amnesty for anyone who comes here illegally, effectively abolishing all immigration policy and border control for our nation.

The Bill was passed by a margin of 62-36 (It would have been 63-37 but two Senators were not present). So 63% voted in favor, that's a pretty solid margin, isn't it? Well yes, 63% did vote in favor, but that is a deceptive figure. Let's take a look at the breakdown of the vote by religion to get a clearer picture of what is going on here:

White-Protestants: 31 NAY, 23 YEA = 57.4% AGAINST
Catholics: 23 YEA, 4 NAY = 85.2% IN FAVOR
Jews: 11 YEA
All Other: 6 YEA, 2 NAY

(notes: "Protestant" in the above refers to any Christian denomination that is not Catholic, Orthodox, or Mormon. The Catholic figure includes Orthodox. "All Other" consists of the three non-white Protestant Senators and the 5 Mormon Senators. Two Senators did not vote, but they are included where they would have voted, to get a clearer picture. [link to vote, link to Congress' religious affilations])

The staggering combined Catholic-Jewish vote of 34 to 4 (or 90% In Favor) is quite telling. Truly now, it is safe to say that this was not a bill passed by "The Senate", no, it was a bill passed a gang of anti-American (or, more precisely, anti-white-Protestant) Catholics and Jews in the Senate.

You might say, "Well Catholic and Jewish Senators are mostly Democrats anyway so this is not surprising. This was a Democrat-backed/passed bill, not a Catholic/Jewish-backed one, you are creating something out of nothing here". If you said such a thing, you would be dead wrong. The overwhelming Catholic and Jewish support for this bill crosses party lines, geographic lines, and any other lines you want to bring in. An overwhelming majority of Republican Catholics voted in favor (8 of 12), as did both Republican Jews. So it was not a "Democratic bill". It is more accurately called a Catholic (and Jewish) bill. In this vote, religion was a far better predictor of which way a Senator would vote than party affiliation.

Nor did the vote break solidly along any geographic lines. As one example, see how the two Senators from the fine state of Iowa voted: The Roman Catholic Tom Harkin (D-IA) voted YEA (i.e., voted for the abolition of America) while fellow Iowan, Protestant Charles Grassley (R-IA) voted NAY (i.e., voted against the abolition of America). Another such example can be found in Kansas: The Roman Catholic Sam Brownback (R-KS) voted YEA, while the Protestant Pat Roberts (R-KS) voted NAY.

So it is clear that the Catholics (and their Jewish allies), were responsbile for the passage of this bill. The question then becomes, why do the Catholics want to destroy America? Well one thing that cannot be ignored is the Catholic Church's full-scale mobilization in favor of open-borders/amnesty/superior rights for illegals. The constant moralizing from their Church no doubt affected them (it is largely phony moralizing anyway, the Catholic Church wants Catholic immigration and works tirelessly to promote it for its own selfish & greedy ends, namely increasing their power and influence in America and Catholicizing America. They are weakening Protestant America in the process which is also beneficial to them). But more than that, it is also about these Catholic Senators showing solidarity with their Catholic immigrant brothers and sisters, it is about their desire to bring more Catholics into America, it is about dealing a blow to white-Protestant America, it has to do with nostalgia for their own Catholic immigrant ancestors. It is the knoweldge that they are members of a foreign religion, that this is not a Catholic nation (What percentage of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Catholic? Answer: 1 out of 56. How many delegates at the Constitutional Convention were Catholics? Answer: 2 out of 55), the Catholics know it and act accordingly, including by means of throwing the floodgates open to millions of foreign Catholic immigrants, they feel obliged to do so. It is about their own interests and their Church's interests, which are wholly at odds with our interests, the American Protestants.

Whatever the reasons, it is undeniably clear, beyond the possibility of dispute, that the Catholics are working against America and in favor of open-borders [Catholic] immigration. This is nothing new of course, most of the issues facing our nation for the past century and a half have seen the Catholic Church take positions at odds with Protestant interests (not the least of which has been immigration! Catholic pro-Immigration agitation/lobbying goes back to pre-Civil-War times and has never really abated).

According to research done by the Heritage Foundation, this bill would allow for massive immigration levels in the coming years--66 million new legal immigrants/amnestied aliens over the next twenty years , and if we count the children they would have, that would mean a net increase of upwards of 100 million, next to none of whom will be of white-Protestant origin.

The number of white-Protestants in the US is approximately 140 million, and that number is remaining steady (birth rates are steady, and we get little white-Protestant immigration). There are approaching 290 million Americans (exlcuding illegal aliens), meaning the US is just under half white-Protestant as of this writing. Note that the US had always been majority white-Protestant ever since its inception, and was white-Protestant long before then, even.

Now let us examine what this Catholic immigration plan will do to America's white-Protestant dispossessed (former-)majority. Firstly, there will in 20 years time be 400 million residents of America (I hesitate to use the term "Americans", because that term will have lost all meaning by then, if it hasn't already!) under this plan. Assuming the 140 million white-Protestant number remains steady, we will constitute a mere THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT of the US population!

The United States was just under two-thirds white-Protestant in 1950. Three generations later it is destined to be one-third white-Protestant? Such a major demographic change/dispossession is unprecedented, and catastrophic for the United States. Note that this would not have happened if not for the poisonous influence of the Roman Catholics and Jews (both groups have some shared reasons for doing what they are doing against America, but the Catholics have the numbers and so are more dangerous). It would not have happened if Protestants controlled our government.

May God help us!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where in the world did you get your information that this country was founded by Christians - rebels all, they were.

Can you tell me how the Masons fit into your anti-everything program?


August 22, 2006 3:27 PM  
Blogger Protestant said...

Cotton, the Masons are nothing but a social club.

June 24, 2007 7:45 PM  
Blogger Protestant said...

A Phora thread documenting more facts on this matter, including the way each Senator voted and their religious-affiliation (post #10), and with discussion by several Phora members, can be found here (copy link into a browser):

June 24, 2007 7:49 PM  

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