Thursday, June 22, 2006

New papal agent in DC Archdiocese will continue Catholic agenda

Papal agent Donald Wuerl (former "Bishop" of Pittsburgh) is taking over the Catholic Archbishopric of Washington DC, which includes the District of Columbia and several counties in Maryland.

Total population of Washington DC archdiocese: 2.6 million. Total number of Catholics therein: 582,000, or 22% of the total population (according to the Vatican, who very carefully track these things, almost as an invading army would monitor their progress...Have to monitor how their attempted conquests are going now, you know...). Note that this is up from a mere 14% in the 1950s! (Although at that time it included some parts of non-Catholic Northern Virginia.)

By all accounts, Wuerl will continue to mercilessly pursue his predecessor Theodore McCarrick's anti-American policies, just as McCarrick's predecessor fought for the anti-American Catholic agenda, just as his predecessor... etc. You should ask yourself, does every powerful member of the Catholic Church in the US have the same anti-American agenda independently and totally by coincidence? If you believe this, I'll sell you some nice beachfront real estate in Nebraska! No, this agenda is Rome's agenda, plain and simple. If you want to be mad at Catholic leaders for their vicious anti-American agenda, direct your anger at the Catholic Church itself, not pawns like McCarrick and Wuerl.

Expect the Catholic agenda to continue to be topped by "immigration reform", i.e. amnesty for Roman Catholic illegal aliens and increased immigration quotas for Roman Catholics.

"Wuerl will...also interact with Catholics in Congress and other high ranking government posts." (AP article). So papal agent Wuerl will "interact" with members of our government, despite a supposed separation of Church and State. Or does that that separation of Church and State only apply to Protestants?

I submit this your your review:

"The [Roman Catholic] Serpent has entwined its folds about the Capitol."



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