Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Catholic terrorists caught in Miami

If you've watched the news or read the newspaper lately, you know that a group of Muslim terrorists have been arrested in Miami for plotting to blow up the Sears Tower. Wrong!

In fact, these men were Roman Catholics, not Muslims.
"The family of Phanor [one of the arrested]...told reporters in Miami he was innocent of all charges and was a practicing Roman Catholic, not a Muslim.

'They all call themselves brothers and they are well-mannered,' said his older sister, Marlene Phanor. "All they were trying to do was clean up the community. We are Catholic. He's Catholic.' She said the family attends St. Mary's Catholic Church in Miami." [CNN].

"[Phanor's mother said that] alleged plot ringleader Narseal Batiste recruited her son and other men in the area about a year ago to join a neighborhood group to study the Bible and give food to the hungry and clothing to children." [Chicago Tribune].

"Narseal Batiste attended a Catholic elementary school and Brother Rice High School [A Catholic HS]." [Chicago Sun-Times].
It seems that this is another example of the media hysterically pointing to some red fishes and calling them Muslim terrorists. Meanwhile the real threat to the US (Catholic Church/Catholicism) is downplayed or ignored. This time the trick failed, and it turned out that the "Muslims" were actually Catholics! Some major damage control was in order.

Sure enough, the past four or five days have seen two things: 1-The under-reporting of the real religion of the men (Catholicism). 2-The dismissal of the whole thing as imaginary by many in the media.

The point here is not necessarily that these alleged (would-be) terrorists are Catholic (though foreign Catholics in America are without doubt more likely to turn traitor than others), and it's not necessarily that the real religion of the Miami Seven was swept under the rug by the media. The point is this: The media play up the supposed "Islamic terrorist threat" so much and so often, yet never report on the far more dangerous ongoing threat to this country from a far more dangerous alien religion and political power. That would be the Catholic Church, which has done and is doing more damage to this nation than whole divisions of enemy soldiers or muslim jihadis could possibly hope to do.


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