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Muslims and Catholics flooding into Norway

It wasn't long ago that there was no Muslim or Catholic population to speak of at all in Norway. A mere generation ago in the early 1970s, there was not one mosque in all of Norway, and only a negligible number of largely foreign-origin Catholics. Norway was Norwegian, Scandinavian, Protestant, Lutheran. Unfortunately, this is rapidly changing, as you will see in the statistics below. Over the past twenty to thirty years, a massive influx of immigrants from Islamic and Roman Catholic countries, which continues to the present, has seen the Muslim & Catholic populations explode by an incredible 1000% in 25 years, with no end in sight to this growth. It doesn't take an expert statistician to realize that if the trends seen in the below statistics continue, it will mean that Lutherans of Norwegian/Scandinavian stock will likely slip into minority status in Norway at some point in the latter part of the present century, displaced by these great masses of foreign Catholics and Muslims, who will be the majority! This must be stopped and reversed. (The same fate is currently befalling this country, as pointed out in "America's Vanishing Protestant Majority".)

Number of Muslims and Catholics in Norway, by year:

Catholics – 9,000 (0.23%)
Muslims – N/A

Catholics – 14,000 (0.34%)
Muslims – 1,000 (0.03%)
Total: 15,000 (0.37% of total)

Catholics – 33,000 (0.78%)
Muslims – 19,000 (0.45%)
Total: 52,000 (1.23% of total)

Catholics – 48,000 (1.07%)
Muslims – 62,000 (1.38%)
Total: 110,000 (2.46% of total)

Catholics – 60,000 [est.] (1.31%)
Muslims – 90,000 [est.] (1.95%)
Total: 150,000 (3.27% of total)

The other ~97% of the population is as follows (for now):
85% Lutheran--Church of Norway
4% Other Protestant incl. Free Lutheran
1.5% Norwegian Humanist Association
0.5% Other Religions
6% No Religious Affiliation

['70, '80, '90 muslim data] [2000 data] [sources for Catholic data: 1, 2, 3.]

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Muslims burning Norwegian flag - Feb 2006
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Here are the current figures for the other Scandinavian countries, for comparison. Note that not one of these countries had any significant Muslim or Catholic population two generations ago.

Catholics/Orthodox – 265,000 (2.94%)
Muslims – 400,000 (4.44%)
Total: 665,000 (7.38% of total)

Catholics – 57,000 (1.05%)
Muslims – 200,000 (3.68%)
Total: 257,000 (4.73% of total)

Catholics - 9,000 (0.17%)
Muslims - 20,000 (0.39%)
Total: 29,000 (0.56% of total)

Catholics – 5,800 (1.93%)
Muslims – 800 (0.27%)
Total: 6,600 (2.20% of total)

So of the three main Scandinavian countries, Sweden is clearly in worst shape with the highest Catholic/Muslim percentage (7.4%). Norway is in best shape (3.3%), Denmark is in the middle (4.7%).

Note that the so-called "Extreme Oath of Induction", taken by many top Jesuits, mentions Norway, Denmark and Sweden by name as top targets for subversion and destruction! (Click here to read it:, hit ctrl-f and type "Norway"). What better way for the Vatican to accomplish this goal than by flooding these countries with foreign Roman Catholics and Muslims? What better way to Catholicize a country than to have thousands of Roman Catholics immigrate in continously? (Why else do you think Rome has been the #1 supporter of immigration into the US?)


Blogger Rastaman said...

Hi Lenny
I wouldn't want you to be without my response to your comment on my blog. BTW, 2 hate comments attacking me rather nastily came in about the same time as yours, both from the same person in Denmark. As the old saying goes, "Something is rotten in Denmark". And I don't think it's the cheese.

1. lenny Says:
August 7th, 2006 at 10:39 am e

You’ve got to be crazy if you think “A major attack on the military infrastructure of Iran would be welcomed by the people and could set off a counter-revolution to get rid of the ayatollahs.”

Nothing would unite the people of Iran more than blatent acts of aggression and sneak attacks by Israel and/or the US.

I support your anti-Islamic efforts, but let’s not allow ourselves to be crazed imperialists, attacking every muslim who makes even a squeak against us. Hell, I would greatly prefer the muslims to continue to be anti-Western, because it would mean they would remain a people apart. The more insidious but subtler threat would be well-behaved and pro-western muslims permanently/successfuly integrating into European society in their ever-increasing millions. This would be unmitigated catastrophe, much worse than if a hundred hiroshima-size nuclear bombs were dropped on the 100 largest cities in Europe.

***Comment from Rastaman: Thanks for your input, Lenny. First, I think you need to take a closer look at Iran, internally. Iran was secular under the Shah and enjoyed all the fruits of Western civilization including the many freedoms we have. Then the ayatollahs raved their Islamic poison and took over, and all that freedom went bye-bye and the people grew increasingly unhappy. Now there is a powerful movement within Iran to topple the religious government and the sudden weakening of that government would set off a civil war.

Second, are you saying that Iran should be left unmolested to continue its nuclear weapons program aimed at us Westerners while it continues to support Hezbollahs terrorism against Israel and continues to support and build terror cells all over our planet? Is that what you think? Who must be crazy?

Third, you would prefer the muslims to continue to be anti-West so they will remain apart from us. Do you mean like all the anti-Western ones now who have burrowed their way into Western nations and are blowing up trains and trying to destroy all the democratic laws, or do you mean all the anti-Western ones who are trying to wipe out Israel and develop nuclear weapons and are still cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center? You will never see “well-behaved and pro-western muslims permanently/successfuly integrating into European society in their ever-increasing millions” because their religion makes them incapable of any of that. There will always be Islamic fundamentalists who will foment war.

August 07, 2006 4:19 PM  
Anonymous KMG said...

With all due respect, I think you may be missing the point. It is very true that the national and cultural identities of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are in peril. Is that the cause of Roman Catholicism? If so, what explains the same problem which is occuring presently with Catholic countries France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy? Isn't it more logical to suspect the same reason in all these cases--namely, the triumph of materialism and capitalism and the concomitant individualism and multiculturalism thereby entailed?

August 11, 2006 11:24 PM  
Blogger Protestant said...

In case anyone is wondering, rastaman's post was in reference to comments I made on his site The comment can be found in the comments section of this post of his:

I have now responded there. (This site wont let me use the url tag, so you'll have to copy/paste. sorry)

August 20, 2006 11:43 AM  
Blogger Protestant said...

kmg, I do not claim that all the blame lies with the vatican, but I do highlight the "Hand of Rome" in this case because it is a very real piece of the puzzle that many people are unaware of.

The "hand of Rome" in these things is indeed very real, and can not, should not, be ignored or downplayed as if it didn't matter. It's certainly the case in this country (USA), the Catholics are the #1 agitators for "open borders", [Catholic] immigration, and against immigration restrictionism/deporting illegal aliens [Catholics]. On top of that, the Catholic Church and their "chairites" have even directly sponsored and resettled millions of foreign Catholics into the US just in the past 30 years (they've been doing that for 160 years, too). They provide billions of dollars in services to aid and abet Catholic immigrants and use their vast resources to help illegals successfully sneak across the border and not get caught. They were behind many of the pro-Immigration demonstations in May. These are all facts. I have no doubt that most of the above is true in Norway and elsewhere. I cant read Norwegian so I couldnt look for sources, but I'll bet you anything there has been Catholic sponsorship of "refugees" and immigrants into norway too.

There is nothing disbelievable or conspiratorial about what I have written here, as it is clearly strongly in the interests of the Catholic Church, a social-political-cultural-religious power, to bolster their position and power and influence, by promoting Catholic (and other) immigration into Protestant nations, both to weaken enemies and strengethen themselves (that is, Catholicize those countries)

Is "the [sole] cause" of the threat Roman Catholicism? No, but the Vatican and the Catholic power structure is certainly one of the biggest threats. It is en vogue to attack muslims as hostile aliens within our borders, but the scheming conniving crooks and fatcats in the Roman Catholic Church are a group of hostile aliens who are even more insidious and dangerous, yet the threat from them is largely ignored.

I do think it is of interest that Norway and the other Scandinavian Protestant countries were mentioned by name twice as prominent targets by the military and clandestine subversive wings of the Jesuit Order in their oath of induction.

August 20, 2006 12:48 PM  

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