Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anti-Islam film released - A patriotic critique

Dutch politician Wilders released his long-awaited film against Islam, called "Fitna" (Arabic for "strife"). View it here:

If you are comfortable and have time to spare, turn up your speakers and watch the film [It is very good and 15 minutes in length]. Then click "Continue Reading" below, scroll down, and you can read a brief critique from a patriotic perspective. (But watch the film first).

COMMENT: A powerful film, and effective towards its intended goal. However, there are some issues with it. I will briefly outline what can be called the Patriotic Critique to the film.

What sums up the movie is the dumb slogan that crawls across the screen at the end: "In 1945 we defeated the Nazis, in 1989 we defeated Communism, today we must defeat Islam".

"We" in the above, clearly means Liberal-Capitalist-Democracy. Not any Nation, People, or Civilization... but a socioeconomic and political ideology and worldview. This, then, implies that it genuinely doesn't matter if future Netherlands is brown (or even liberal-Islamic, in theory), as long as they tolerate gays and love corporations indefinitely into the future. (That would seem to be Wilders' idea of Endsieg!).

One other somewhat-related issue, is the disproportionate focus on Jews in the film. The message shining through in the film is implicitly this: "Those millions of Muslims in Europe are a threat, but mainly because of terrorism and anti-Semitism"!. The film can thus be said to have Jewish Nationalist sympathies undercurrent, yet at the same time it is--in places--passively hostile to European nationalism. Strange? Certainly.

In short, what this film is ultimately not, is a fiery call for salvation of white-christians in Europe from being swamped by nonwhite Muslims. Rather, it is more of a vigorous and aggressive defense of the Ruling Ideology of Europe. That decadent, corporate, universalist ideology that endorses drug use, homosexuality, and pornography, and is anathema to blood-and-honor patriotism. It is "Hawkish liberalism", to turn a phrase. I.e., this propaganda-film promotes essentially all the same values that a cultural leftist liberaldemocrat would, but is just more bellicose and aggressive in so doing.

...What is needed are more genuine patriotic voices, which call for national revival(s) of the People(s) of Europe against the Islamic threat. Fighting the fight that this film calls for is not going to work. It is akin to a group of men at sea bailing water out of the small-hole-riddled inflatable rubber lifeboat. They're lucky to stay afloat. And the western cultural backdrop of today? It is akin to these same men play darts with a makeshift dartboard pinned to the wall of their rubber lifeboat!


Anonymous franklin said...

Catholic-bashers and Islam-bashers unite in reactionary fervor!

April 15, 2008 9:55 PM  
Blogger Whitey Lawful said...

Mohammedanism is a threat -- only if we aren't self-defeated as Protestants. I can uphold Common Law against their Sharia -- but -- society will impose statutes of bondage for all.

January 30, 2011 7:40 AM  

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