Sunday, June 17, 2007

Catholic-led Attack on U.S. stopped by Senate

To the delight of American patriots from Sea to shining Sea, and to the utmost distress of the Vatican and its tentacles in the U.S., the latest Catholic-sponsored illegal-immigrant "amnesty" push has been stopped by the Senate.

The proposed amnesty bill--and more broadly-speaking, illegal immigration in general--is backed by a ramshackle coalition of fifth-columnists--including Big Business interests, Hispanic-"American" ethnic activists, neoconservative imperialists, Jewish activists, a strange group of what can be called "post-American Americans", and naturally the Roman Catholic Church and its pawns.

Big Business Interests-- Big Business is interested in illegal immigration for its cheap labor supply, as has been said to death by now. Less attention is paid to another subtler but still important need for Capital: Markets. Business needs markets--that is to say, people to buy their products--just as a movie theater needs movie-goers. To go with the theater analogy, what are some a good ways for a movie-theater-owner to increase his profits? Well, if there were more people in his city, and if they all had broadly common taste in movies, that's more potential movie-goers and a wider swathe of the public he can appeal to. Larger markets and common markets mean more profits. Now, take a mass of deracinated consumer-drones who identify with nothing of significance. This is the ideal market for Big Business; a population of this nature really "oils the wheels" of the Consumer-Society-Machine. So it is further clear that Big Business also has a vested interest in seeing that identity erode. Identity is bad for business! This interest includes (but is certainly not limited to) seeing that radically alien people brought in by the millions and permanently resettled here. What better way to erode the identity of the population? In this New America, all these people, new and old, can be blended into a new 'race' of bleary-eyed, apathetic, identityless consumers. Now that's good for business. Real patriotism is bad for business, so 'those evil patriots who oppose giving this country away must be stopped.'

Hispanic-"American" ethnic activists-- This group is concerned with getting as many of their co-ethnics (Latin American Roman Catholics) into the country as possible, and in seeing that those of their co-ethnics here illegally are allowed to permanently stay. It is purely ethnic self-interest for them. Their disdain, and even hatred, for the white-protestant people of this country is well-known. Their ultimate anti-American goal is to colonize the USA with “la Raza” and turn it into a Hispanic country.

Neoconservative Imperialists-- As unfortunate as this is for the USA, there has now developed class of people in the upper levels of U.S. society and government who are unabashed and unrepentant imperialists. Their reasons for wanting amnesty and so on, are roughly similiar to those of Big Money interests (and this is surely not the only place on which these two classes of people "overlap"). These people are more interested in promoting "U.S." World Supremacy than they are in domestic affairs. They are far more interested in Empire than in the Nation. And empires are always multicultural. 'No room for tribalism, the tent has to be as big as possible for the American Empire to succeed!'

Jewish ethnic activists-- Jews have a neurotic paranoia about the rise of any majority-group nationalism in any society in which they live (excepting Israel, of course)--not without merit considering history. Thus their overwhelming support for foreign immigration/permanent-integration-of-foreigners into the USA--home to six or seven million Jews but twenty-five times that number white-protestants. This also largely explains their endless promotion of minority-group nationalisms and "alternate lifestyles" like homosexuality, while denigrating Christianity and basic social values of traditional American society. All this is designed to suppress majority-group nationalism, and it has been rather effective towards that end. It is always possible that propaganda efforts may not work, though, and as long as there still exists a large majority-population, the possibility of a rise of majority-group nationalism, something akin to the 1920s-era national Klan (they fear this would be anti-Semitic) remains. So, demographic displacement of white-protestants is viewed as necessary by Jews to protect themselves. Thus the Jewish promotion of the importation of millions of unassimilable foreigners into the country and the permanent-settling here thereof. (But none of that for Israel, where even millions of natives, who have lived on that soil for generations, are denied citizenship [Palestinian Moslems]. Needless to say, unassimilable immigration would be majorly detrimental to Jewish interests in the case of Israel! But America is a different story...).

"Post-American Americans"-- This is an interesting group of people, almost exclusively white, who are characterized by what might be deemed an "active nihilism" with regards to the National Question. They no longer care about the fabric of society as such, not necessarily out of vested ethnic self-interest--like the two aforementioned groups--or any other self-interest, but rather they have simply surrendered to those forces, and believe in nothing. They have lost the will to live beyond their own existence. It is not their fault, this is largely a product of (post-)modern society. But what is interesting is that theirs is not a 'passive' belief-in-nothing, for they now attempt to universalize their nihilistic dogma and promote deconstructionist absurdities about the American nation. Clowns like George Bush Jr. can be said to fit into this group (Bush's strong pro-Catholic sympathies and his family connections to the Church of Rome, his neoconservative handlers, his Big Business proclivities, his self-declared great affinity for Mexico and Hispanic people, all suggest that he is a puppet dancing on many different strings. He is a puppet because he is post-American; he is an obnoxious drug-addled "dry"-drunk who believs in nothing of substance, thus is easily manipulable). Thankfully, this group of people is rather small in most corners of the United States, and looked down upon if not despised in most quarters of U.S. society. This as opposed to Europe, where "post-European Europeans" are much larger in numbers and in strength, and actually essentially control the reins of power there!

Rome-- One of Rome's longtime strategies in its crusade to weaken and subvert the USA while concurrently advancing its own power at our expense, is to promote the two-pronged attack of "immigration"/"integration" of massive numbers of foreign Catholics and other alien people into U.S. society. ('Integration' in this case meaning getting the millions of aliens to stay here permanently, amnestying, and forcibly redefining America into a nation that's "just as Hispanic-Catholic as it is Germanic-Protestant"). So they mobilize their vast propaganda machine and work around the clock and on many fronts to promote, agitate in favor of, and lobby for "immigration" by foreign Catholics and others into the USA. So they use their influence in the halls of government and in the media to argue against borders and loudly yell in favor of the "need" for amnesty for millions of illegals and the further "need" for millions more foreign papists. All this in the name of some lofty set of vague humanitarian ideals. But naturally this is just another Roman Catholic smokescreen, and in actuality their motivation is selfish and evil. Rip off the mask and we can see the dark, ugly face of Rome: A greedy, fanatical monster hell-bent on attacking and subverting us and on attempting to seize power in America for itself.

The Hand of Rome
As with all previous such efforts, this latest anti-American "amnesty" initiative in Congress was orchestrated by-, and promoted primarily by- Roman Catholics. The bill's sponsor is Ted Kennedy (D-Catholic). This the same Ted Kennedy who helped author the infamous 1965 Immigration Bill, which was the biggest single piece of legislation opening the way for the demographic changes that have engulfed this Nation since that time. (Forty-five years ago, America was two-thirds white-protestant, today it is just under half white-protestant, thanks to immigration of alien people by the millions since that time. Rome couldn't be more pleased with its progress!).

Quickly after this proposal was shoved onto the table by Rome and her allies, they went into full swing to try to get the bill passed into law. They used a variety of tactics including massive emotion-based propaganda campaigns in the media and dishonest "inside the beltway" political wheelings-and-dealings. In other news, Dog Bites Man. Yes, this scenario is the classic modus operendi of the Roman Church in America.

The bill, "S. 1348 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007", proposes legalizing all illegal "immigrants" currently residing in the USA. But besides "just" legalizing millions upon millions of foreign Roman Catholics and lesser numbers of other racial- and religious-aliens who are already in this country illegally, it will spur millions more to enter the US in the coming years, confident that they too can expect their own "amnesty". (Brought to them by that most perfidious Enemy of the United States, the Roman Catholic Church? You can bet the Roman Political Machine would try.) But make no mistake about it, this is precisely the aim of the people who concocted this bill. The don't care about the poor "undocumented workers" or about border control. To appease patriots, these liars have been making noise about actual border-enforcement which would supposedly to follow this "one-time amnesty". This has all happened before, before the 1986 Amnesty. Same lie, largely the same liars.

Rome's Aim
Why is the Roman Catholic Church so interested in doing something so harmful, so deleterious, to the American Nation?

Firstly, this "immigration"/"amnesty" business must be understood in its proper context as a Roman Catholic plot (with various hangers-on and fellow anti-American travellers jumping on board) to get millions of new Catholics and their descendents permanently included in the population of the USA. From Rome's perspective, all must be done to assure that as many foreign Romanists as possible are brought in, and likewise from Rome's perspective, all must be done to assure that these foreign Catholics "are here to stay". "America must fall and be Catholicized", is their mantra. It must be understood today that Rome's interests absolutely are not Our interests, and are, in fact, diametrically opposed to our interests. As a wise man once said, "Rome is the implacable Enemy of the United States."

Since most foreign immigration today into America is from Roman Catholic countries, the major incentive for Rome to promote "immigration" should be obvious. It swells the ranks of the 'Church' of Rome in America, fills its financial coffers, and in so doing swells the political and cultural power wielded by the Catholic Power Structure over American society. Hence the Vatican's immense amount of pro-"immigration" agitation, legal defense of illegal-aliens, use of its vast wealth to bribe politicians, its tireless work in favor of "amnesties", and so forth. Hence it is usually papal agents like Ted Kennedy who author and sponsor these pro-Immigration bills, and disproportionately Catholic writers in newspapers and other publications who propagandize for it. This is not to say that all or most, or even one-in-twenty, lay Catholics are "in on the conspiracy" of the Priests, the Bishops, the Jesuits, the Pope and his cronies plotting and scheming in the bowels of the Vatican, and other powerful Catholics, the world over. Rather, most of these lay Catholics are simply following "orders"--that is to say, they are following the agenda set for them from above.

Now, it is true that not all of the "illegal immigrants" are Roman Catholic by religion. Why would Rome want to promote the immigration/integration of, say, Ali the Moslem or Chen the Chinese? The easy and quick answer is that promoting, defending, and agitating for amnesty for all illegal immigrants allows Rome to cover its tracks. This way they can claim that they are not acting to further their own anti-American agenda and to advance their own power at the expense of the American nation, but rather that they are concerned with lofty human rights concerns for 'all' those poor souls "living in the shadows", and so on. The deeper answer is that, being ostensibly in favor of amnesty for all aliens is not just a cover, and that Rome does indeed want immigration/integration into U.S. society of foreign non-Catholics as well (as long as they are not white-protestant). This may seem illogical, but is not. It simply has to do with a strong desire to weaken the prospects for American nationalism, which is white-protestant in basis. Nationalism can only exist if there is an identifiable Nation around which to base it. A messy and confused hodge-podge of races, religions, cultures, "lifestyles", and so on-- in which none is close to a majority, either in 'mind', 'body', or 'spirit'-- does not allow for nationalism. It might allow for tribalism(s), but not nationalism. Rome fears American nationalism for various reasons, that should be fairly obvious (broadly similar to the fears of the Jews mentioned above). And destroying the white-protestant core Nation around which the greater USA is built, can allow Rome to replace that system with itself, slowly. If not totally, then at least in a major way. An America crippled by radical multiculturalism in theory (poisoning of the mind) and in simple on-the-street reality (poisoning of the body), is an America that cannot assert itself. Thus American nationalism is "pre-emptively" stamped out, so to speak. And Rome is left to pick up the pieces.

Rome's goal is the weakening of White-Protestant America--in demographic terms, in cultural terms, in terms of monetary power, political power, and in terms of simple numbers. And where we are weakened, they are strengthened: Rome's use of "immigration" and "amnesty" is an attempt to strengthen Catholicism in America by bringing in millions of new Catholics and inviting millions more. The current "amnesty" nonsense is the latest strategic offensive-maneuver by Rome in its ongoing war against America.

In one sentence, this amnesty-for-illegal-aliens Bill can be said to be a poisoned-arrow thrown at Uncle Sam by the Pope personally!


Protestants Say No
The Catholic-backed amnesty bill was stopped. For now. The unprecedented wave of opposition from the general public (primarily from normal white-protestants out in the vast expanses of the American landscape) seems to have inspired and whipped up some good old-fashioned patriotism among the protestant members of the U.S. Senate. The patriots in that chamber were not ready to allow Rome and its anti-American allies to dictate policy to America just yet, especially a policy which would essentially abolish the United States As We Knew It. On June 7th, the majority of voting Senators loudly said "No!" as they smashed the chalice filled with poison-liquid that the devious Priest of Rome was attempting to force-feed to a skeptical Uncle Sam.

Although there are some unimportant procedural minutiae as to exactly what happened, the bottom line for the layman is this: 50 Senators voted against the bill, 45 Voted for it. (Click link to see how every Senator voted.) Of the 50 who voted against, a disproportionate majority were Protestant. The great majority of the "In Favor" votes came from the old Catholic-Jewish bloc.
Noted protestants who betrayed America by voting for the bill: McCain (AZ). Lincoln (AR). Carper (DE). Nelson (FL). Lugar (IN). Bayh (IN). Stabenow (MI). Klobuchar (MN). Hagel (NE). Nelson (NE). Clinton (NY). COnrad (ND). Brown (OH). Whithouse (RI). Graham (SC).

A Glorious Sight
The unexpected defeat of the bill has left us with a glorious sight to behold out there on the proverbial field of battle: Legions of protestant volunteer-militiamen waving their weapons to the heavens and cheering, as they watch from the hilltops as Rome's mighty slave armies fall into full retreat in disarray, the Roman field commanders flummoxed and confused at this turn of events in favor of their enemy.

Down but not out! Take warning, all American patriots. Rome's "amnesty" scheme and similar anti-American initiatives will return, as before. Perhaps sooner than expected. In the medium-term, the best that patriots can do is to get our own house in order. "Clean house", so to speak. We already know that the Catholic religion and certain other alien ideologies are hostile, but this knowledge is not enough: We must also force the traitors from our own ranks (primarily the anti-American, corporatist, slave-to-big-business Republican party), and reassert a proud American patriotism. Otherwise the Pope and other hostile foreign Powers will simply continue to trample all over us. We will be free only when we are once again able to walk up on a mountain in the middle of the sky, stand tall, and proclaim to the heavens that "this is land is Our land, this people is Our people, this God is Our God, and this we shall defend!"


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