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Republicans set to lose big in Nov 7 elections: Why white-protestants will benefit

Tuesday November 7th, Americans will go to the ballot box and are expected to oust Republicans from control of the House of Representatives and probably the Senate too. A victory for America, as the lackeys for soulless plutocratic capitalism and the selling out of Protestant America will be turned back, at least for now.

The Democratic party is worse, you say? It might appear to be, but the Democratic party is a populist party, and just because that populism is now enmeshed in pro-Catholic, pro-"minority", anti-white populism, it can very easily swing back, thus is the nature of populism. The Republican party on the other hand, are slaves to their plutocratic capitalistic overlords (who do not care about Protestant-America, just keep that oil flowing, those goods moving, and those profit margins wide, nothing else matters). If there is an opposite of 'populist', the Republican party is it. Because of this fact, it would be very hard for the Republicans to swing in favor of genuine white-Protestant interests except in the most superficial ways. Thus a defeat for Republicans is a victory for Protestant America.

But more important than political party is religion. Will Rome, the implacable irreconcilable enemy of the US, gain or lose in this election? Even if Republicans lose big, which will certainly be a victory, it will be replacing one evil with a much greater evil if the Democrats who replace them are heavily Roman Catholic.

We are happy to report that all signs point to not only the Catholic agenda being set for defeat (in the form of the Republican party, who were full supporters of the anti-American Roman Catholic agenda--what have they done to stop it while they've controlled Congress these past 12 years? Nothing, in fact it has increased), but many Catholics running for re-election are set for defeat as well. Many will also win, but signs do not point to a flood of Roman Catholics entering Congress, thankfully. There are currently 25 Catholic Senators (out of 100) and 130 Catholic members of the House of Representatives (30% of total!). According to polls, 2 Catholic Senators (Santorum, DeWine) will definitely lose their seats on Tuesday, another two are in tight races and might lose.

Catholic/Jewish/African bloc
Of the 533 current members of the outgoing 109th Congress:
Catholics control 131 seats in the House, 25 in the Senate.
Jews control 26 seats in the House, 11 in the Senate.
Blacks control 42 in the House, 1 in the Senate.

The "Catholic/Jewish/African bloc", to coin a term. This voting bloc consists of those who are basically guaranteed to vote against white-Protestant interests, those who overwhelmingly favor the "abolition" of white-protestant-America. This coalition includes Catholic ethnoreligious activists (not just 'minorities'), black racial activists, Jewish ethnic activists, those not necessarily pushing ethnoreligious interests but frightened by or apathetic to white-protestant nationalism, and then the so-called "new abolitionists" as Noel Ignatiev calls them [This Jewish fellow's crackpot "movement" is merely an outgrowth of the zeitgeist of today, that worldview has infected far wider than the handful of followers Ignatiev himself has] and their fellow-travellers. This coalition is not "liberal", but rather is full of racial/ethnoreligious activsts who have a vested interest in taking down Protestant-America, in weakening us while propping up their own. They are a wide-ranging group and have various goals, but generally can be said to favor the remaking of America into a more-Catholic, less-Protestant, less-northern-european, multiracial/multireligious "nation" with no ethnoreligious identity. In other words, in a sense they favor the abolition of the white-protestant people of America by means of destroying our identity while concurrently importing millions of racial and religious aliens. (Sadly, the same is happening in Europe [abolish their identities, import racial and religious aliens], in a slightly different situation). This voting bloc currently controls more than 44% of seats in the U.S. Congress (236 seats). It is very difficult to overcome a voting bloc that strong, who will, without fail, vote 10 to 1 against you.

Here is the bottom line: Although we certainly benefit from the political misfortunes of the Republican Party, we can gauge how well this election goes in the following manner: If the aforementioned 236-member anti-white-protestant bloc increases in number, we lose. If it decreases, we benefit. Which political party ends up controlling what and by how much is significantly less relevant than this golden two-hundred-thirty-six figure.


Blogger Ian Hall said...

An instructive site. Best wishes.

December 04, 2006 8:22 AM  
Anonymous Daniel said...

I'm not sure why you hate Catholics so much since many Protestants and Catholics have similar political interests.

March 21, 2007 3:07 PM  
Blogger Catholig said...

Protestant American,

I get weary when I see people saying that "whites" are being persecuted, and that we have to protect "white" interests. I mean - I don't agree with everything being PC. And I certainly don't agree with affirmative action type policies, but just the way you talk sets off alarm bells in my head.

In any case, what really is bothering is that you have such a hate for the Roman Catholic Church. I guess you are one of those King James Onlyists (not the 1611 edition, though because it has all the books that were approved by the Council of Trent, albeit not quite the Douay-Rheims) who wants bibles to be taught in schools, and the persecution of catholic children. I feel that I should be charitable to you, however, so I'll pray for you tonight. I promise (I'll try to even say a decade of the rosary for you).

Hoping & Praying that you'll be more charitable in return, and be open to dialogue,


April 22, 2007 4:05 AM  
Blogger Catholig said...

BTW, my blog is if you want to stop by to dicuss anything.


April 22, 2007 4:06 AM  

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