Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Phony Pope-Muslim controversey exposed

The Pope is in the news again, this time for comments he made against Islam, after which the muslims predictably launched into angry protests and death threats against him. This "controversy" has lingered in the news for over a week now. But the truth is, it is a phony controversy. It is nothing but a powerplay and political maneuver by the Vatican. And the true target is not Islam or the Muslims at all (they are stooges, a means to an end), but Protestants and non-Catholics in general in areas that the Vatican is attempting to Catholicize and conquer, i.e. the Protestant world, especially the USA.

Allow me to blow the smoke away from this Roman Catholic smokescreen to reveal the true Catholic agenda. The Catholics, ever concerned with their own power, hold a stratgey meeting deep inside the Vatican, as they often do. Although their attempted immigration-conquests of the US and other non-Catholic nations are going well, although their plans to unify Europe under a single Catholic superstate (European Union) march on, and although their ever-present subversions of non-Catholic countries in Europe/US are going well, they feel that the Protestant and other non-Catholic people of these countries are not pro-Catholic enough, and something needs to be done to change this. If they were more pro-Catholic, it will be much easier to subvert them and take over. (This line of thinking has prevailed deep in the bowels of Mystery Babylon recently, as can be seen by their choosing a German Pope. They want to reconquer Germany to Catholicism, most of Germany having left the Catholic "Church" in the 16th century in the most glorious event of the past thousand years, the Reformation. By choosing a German, suddenly all Germans rally around this clown, be they Catholic or not--only three-in-ten real Germans are papists. Thus Popery becomes "mainstreamed" in Germany, even though it is a totally alien religion to most of the country, and an enemy of Protestant Germany [As detailed in another post on this site, the Vatican smiled thw widest grin it possibly could during/after WWII, because the biggest loser by far in WWII was Protestant-Germany. German Catholicism was actually bolstered by the war/outcome].)

So, they come up with a sinister plan to exploit the current Islam-vs.-"The West" conflicts in the world. They plan to manufacture a fake controversy allowing them to grab the banners of "The West", assert Catholic authority, and con millions of non-Catholics in the US/Europe into believing the Catholic Church is "on their side in the 'clash of civilizations'" and other obvious lies. (The truth is of course, that the Catholic Church was nothing but a lead weight dragging down and suffocating "The West" for a milennia or more, until October 31, 1517! After that date, Europe and later Protestant America advanced dramatically in all fields and became the leader of the world. In other words, the success of "The West" in the past 500 years is due almost totally to the Reformation and Protestant success in the wars of religion). A controversy would dramatically increase papist power and standing in "The West". The Catholic fatcats knew full well that the mohammedan clowns would react violently to news of the Pope issuing an "anti-muslim sermon", just as sure as the sun rises every morning. So they set in motion a scheme to create a false controversy, by having the Pope publicly read an anti-muslim text from centuries ago. Once the story became intenrational news over the period of many days, the lines would be drawn, and those favoring "The West" would be forced into the camp of the Pope. A very clever scheme indeed. Another very despicable thing I have seen is the near constant implied and/or outright references to the Pope as "the leader of Christianity", this being another effect of the fake Catholic-created controversy. This is a very clear and direct attack on Protestants and other non-papist Christians (i.e., real Christians), by Catholic newspaper writers and Catholic-stooges.

What has the past week brought? By use of this smokescreen, this phony controversy, The Catholic Church has increased its power and influence more than if they had raised 100 divisions of soldiers, and they have gained a very strong foothold over Protestants and other non-Catholics in "The West" (I use quotes on "The West" because I do not like that term. West of what?). Suddenly the Pope has become "one of us" and our friend and ally against muslims, when in fact he is far and away our most dangerous enemy.

Be do not be deceived by the lies and trickery of the Pope! Know that the Pope is not your friend or ally at all, but your enemy. 1,000x worse than Bin Laden. Know the truth that the Roman Catholicism and the Roman Catholic Church is the foremost enemy of the United States, 1,000x worse than Islam.

"I know that the Pope is antichrist, and that his throne is that of Satan himself." -M.L.


Anonymous Rev Ian Hall said...

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September 20, 2006 11:57 AM  
Blogger guy fawkes said...

Catholicism is an alien religion in Germany?!? Have you ever been to Germany? Have you ever read a history of the deformation? Protestantantism is the alien religion my friend. Catholicism goes back to day 1.

August 13, 2008 10:09 AM  
Blogger Protestant said...

"Guy Fawkes", yes Papism certainly is alien to most of Germany.

The only areas of Germany that (unfortunately) wear the chains of Rome today, are some parts of the Rhineland and southern Bavaria esp. south of the Danube.

Incidentally, the Romans two milennia ago attempted to conquer Germany. They failed, but did make some gains, namely up to the west bank of the Rhine and up to the south bank of the Danube. The rest of Magna Germania, all the way out to the Vistula [Danzig], remained free and never bowed to Rome. (The Romans were too frightened to cross those boundaries, as their legions had a tendency of getting massacred when they tried to impose their will on the fierce and honorable Germanics.

It is quite amazing how well this cultural border has remained constant over 2,000 years, the border between those Germans under the control of Rome and those Germans who are free.

August 16, 2008 9:31 PM  

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