Friday, August 25, 2006

A group of terrorists founded this country

This was a letter to the editor published in the Green Bay Press-Gazette yesterday:
Observing the developments in the Middle East and this latest little war the United States has funded, startling thoughts rang through my head.
A little over 200 years ago, there was a group of terrorists in America. They torched government buildings, demolished administration goods and shot and killed regime officials from secure locations.
Refusing to use conventional warfare, these terrorists developed a strategy to fight and defeat the greatest empire in the world.
Hamas and Hezbollah stand to gain independence from political, financial and social oppression placed on them by the United States' pawn, Israel.
Israel's arrest and detention of Hamas' elected officials without due cause or trial started this war.
How are those for democratic values? I just hope that President Bush realizes that this country was founded by a bunch of terrorists with names like George Washington, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin and John Adams.

Simeon Johnson
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This person was certainly not the first to draw these parallels. Here are two brilliant satirical articles 'condemning' the 'terrorists' of 1775 while juxtaposing the same with Iraq 2003-present:
Freedom Fighters, 'Terrorists' or Revolutionary War Heroes?
Colonial Terrorists Beat Back Redcoats

We recall even more 'terrorists' in 16th and 17th century Europe who stood up against an alien & despotic & tyrannical and evil power that sought to dominate and control them. Go back a milennium and a half before that, and you will see another 'terrorist', a Germanic chieftan by the name of Arminius who used 'terrorist' tactics to annihilate three entire Roman legions, who were in the process of trying to conquer, subdue, and ultimately dominate and control Germania. Fanatics like those at and, had they been around in AD 9 and living in the Roman Empire, no doubt would've condemned this Germanic hero who fought successfully to free his people from foreign domination as a 'terrorist'. On the other side of the coin, mohammedan fanatics no doubt would describe El Cid or Richard the Lionhearted as 'terrorists'.

The point of this posting is certainly not to voice support for or propagandize in favor of Lebanon or Hezbollah or Hamas or any other foreign group. (Neither was that the intent of the letter to editor I reprinted above, as far as I can tell.) Recall John W. Robbins' words: "Because Christianity is neither Romanism nor Judaism nor Islam, there is no need for the United States, a historically, if not currently, Christian nation, to be involved" in these disputes. Don't let yourself be duped by empty propaganda terms like "terrorist" by those who want to manipulate you, the Protestant, into hating their tribal, religious, or political enemies. Don't let yourself be manipulated by agents or partisans of the Vatican or Israel, both of whom "see the United States as their proxy in this religious war" that we find ourselves in. If we use the term "terrorist" as haphazardly as these clowns do, then the Sons of Liberty in the 1760s-1770s were all terrorists, as was Paul Revere, John Paul Jones, and all the other Revolutionary-era American heroes mentioned by Mr Johnson in his letter, and all the rest of what we today call the Founding Fathers.


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