Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gay FL Congressman admits he is a Roman Catholic

Representative Mark Foley of Florida, the now infamous homosexual who sent lurid messages to young boys, has come out of the closet: He is a Roman Catholic.

Foley resigned last week after his disgusting behavior was exposed, and it is now clear that he is in fact a homosexual and an alcoholic. Another revelation, which has not made the news quite as much, is that several days ago he admitted that he is a Roman Catholic, and that he was abused by a priest as a boy.

None of this should come as any surprise.

As far as his resignation goes, we can't say we are disappointed to see a Catholic Congressman resign in shame. Unfortunately for America though, his opponent in November, who seems certain to win the race now that Foley has resigned, is also a papist, named Mahoney. So make no mistake, America loses either way.

Truly, it will matter little which party picks up seats this November. The far more important thing will be which religious group picks up seats, whether the anti-American, anti-white-protestant, pro-immigration Catholic/Jewish bloc, or real Americans, white-Protestants, who favor stopping the Roman Catholic plot to drown America in a sea of brown Catholics and other alien people, and who favor stopping the descent of North America into the clutches of Rome. See the posting on this site entitled "Catholics vote to abolish America" for a detailed explanation of why religion matters more than party. In the Senate vote on Amnesty for Catholic illegal aliens, religion was a better predictor of which way a Senator would vote than Party.

Anyway, back to the despicable behavior of the Roman Catholic Foley. The revelation that he is a Catholic is not surprising, as Catholics--being of an alien religious group--are less likely to care about moral decency in this society than Protestants. It is also not surprising that he was abused by a priest. "Forbidding to marry is a doctrine of devils". Doctrine of devils is right. That's Roman Catholicism for you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you say about the Catholic Church makes you seem very un-Christian. You are full of hate and I think it's sad.

October 06, 2006 3:54 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Don't you think that Protestants and Catholics - as Christians - should join forces against anti-Christian groups such as the Jews?

March 21, 2007 3:10 PM  

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