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CNN's Wolf Blitzer condemned as a "Jewish extremist" on the air by politician

Two days ago pro-American politician, author, and European-American-rights spokesman David Duke was interviewed on CNN by Jewish journalist Wolf Blitzer.

The interview consisted of eight minutes of intense back-and-forth that got started with a bang right away. (See and hear for yourself by clicking above!) Duke threw caution to the wind and said what others dare only think. He called Wolf Blitzer a "Jewish supremacist", "an agent of Israel", "a Jewish extremist" and similar things.

You can view the (almost-)entire video here:
David Duke and Wolf Blitzer 'duke it out' on CNN, Dec. 13

"The Conference"
The occasion for Duke being brought on was the Iranian Holocaust Conference, at which Duke and many other persons from around the world, of all religions and ethnicities, including a good number of Jews, were in attendance.

The purpose of this conference was simple: "What is the truth about the fate of European Jews in Europe 1941-1945, and what is the remnant of war-time and immediate-post-war myths/distortions/black-propaganda? Was there or was there not in fact a plan by the German government under Hitler to exterminate the Jews? How many Jews actually died and how? Were millions of Jews killed in extermination gas chambers?" The conference was one which championed freedom of inquiry into this great Story, which some scholars in the past decades have cast doubt upon. It was a conference of open debate, and the event itself took no official position. If the Holocaust story is an indisputable historical fact with overwhelming evidence of all types, as is claimed, then it should stand up to public scrutiny and 'open debate', that is to say, it should be very easily verifiable. Open debate on the Holocaust is something that has long been feared by many in power, for reasons which should be obvious to those have studied this subject beyond seeing a Steven Spielberg movie.

The last sentence in the previous paragraph is key to understanding the Duke-vs.-Blitzer video clip and this entire phenomenon. The "story behind the story" here is this: A major international Holocaust conference is occuring, and it cannot be ignored, so the powers that be do some damage control. Media reports in the "West" are not going to report hard news on this subject, but rather opinion-masked-as-news. And in so doing, the powers that be will attempt to mold opinion in accordance with their own agenda.

"The Agenda"
The Holocaust is a bludgeon used both by "International Jewry" (to justify the existence of their stolen ethno-state of Israel, or "IsntReal", to give themselves carte-blanche in the world, and to suppress their enemies) and certain other elements in power to weaken and keep genuine patriotic voices across the Western world down. Holocaust indoctrination is a large part of why Europe and North America are facing the problems that we are.

(Note that there are non-Jewish elements at play here in promoting this...It is not just about "The Jews". It is a grievous mistake to blame Jews alone, and imply that they alone "control" all media and government and that they alone are the source of all problems. This is simply false and detracts from other issues and other problems [see the last paragraph of this posting]. At the same time, Organized Jewry is a problem which should not be ignored. They act in accord with their own interests at our expense, and their interests are counter to our interests).

Predictably, Blitzer introduces Duke in the most demeaning terms, as a former KKK-leader and so forth (Another Jewish extremist, David Horowitz, is never, never introduced as "former Communist operative David Horowitz"). Blitzer then opens the interview with his snidely-delivered first question: "What do you say to those who charge, and there are many, that you are there in Tehran at this Holocaust conference simply because you hate Jews??" The idea here is very clear for those who would see-- Blitzer and co. want to equate not only dissenting Holocaust scholarship with the "evil" Ahmadinejad, but to also paint genuinely-pro-American individuals as crazed terrorist-supporters motivated solely by hatred of Jews, or somesuch nonsense.

So, the m.o. is nothing unfamiliar then. The people who have a vested interest in keeping patriotic-populism down in Europe and America, aim to discredit and demonize real patriots because it is in their interest to do so.

David Duke's comments on the interview are here:
You may also view the interview from the original CNN arhive: Duke 'blitzes' Blitzer

Dog Bites Man: The Vatican condemns Iran Holocaust conference
And now for something which should not surprise anyone. A story from Catholic World News explains how the Catholic Church has condemned the Conference in the most vocal terms, for 'daring' to discuss an historical event. The Roman Catholic Church is part of this same aforementioned anti-patriotic, anti-nationalist Power looking to keep Lies reigning supreme and true patriotism down, for their own ends. Recall that the Catholics have made themselves quite busy in the past decades falsifying history and conning people into believing that the Holocaust also "targetted Catholics" and that hundreds of thousands of Catholics were 'exterminated' by the Nazis who hated Catholics (never mind that Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, and co. were all Catholics and that the Roman Church was an ally of Nazi Germany). With these lies--which many dupes seem to believe--and with a wink and a nod, Rome has blamed Protestants for the Holocaust, and has come off claiming saintly victimhood for itself. (Never mind a real holocaust of the second millennium, in which Catholicism put to death at least 50 million souls for 'heresy'--the infernal Roman Inquisition). Remember also that, to the Catholic Church, you are a Catholic first and a citizen of a country second. The Vatican's political, social, cultural, and economic power is threatened by many things, and patriotism that is not specifically through the Catholic Church, is one of them.


Anonymous Prot. said...

P.A. blogger, if you really are Protestant, then how come you link to rabid Catholic websites like "Speakeasy" discussion forum?

December 16, 2006 8:24 AM  
Blogger Protestant said...

Speakeasy is not a Catholic site. But it is true that it suffers from an excess of them and that Protestants are underrepresented. Same with the Phora in my opinion. I have posted on both of those, although I am persona-non-grata at phora now because of my anti-Catholic opinions.

When I was young
I got some sense
and bought a flute
for fifty cents.
The only song
that I could play
was 'f-- the pope
and the i.r.a'

December 16, 2006 6:29 PM  
Anonymous prot. said...

No sir, it's public knowledge that the forum "Speakeasy" is 100% Catholic (Croatian-catholic, to be more precise)

But of-course you still reserve the right to excercise your freedom to be sly and support Catholicism by pretending to oppose it.

December 19, 2006 12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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