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God should be called 'Allah', says Roman Catholic bishop in Netherlands

A powerful Roman Catholic bishop in the Netherlands has suggested that Dutch people should call God "Allah". Dutch protestant leaders were to quick to condemn this blasphemy, and the story made the international press.

The Dutch have over a million Muslims occupying their soil, and that number is on the rise. It is a serious problem. For the Catholic Church to come out in favor of Dutch people beginning to slowly abandon Christianity and embrace some sort of future fusion of Mohammedanism and Papistry, is disloyalty to the Dutch state and to the Dutch people in the extreme. But disloyalty to non-Catholic institutions is nothing out of the ordinary for the Roman Catholic Church. It is their centuries-old game.

Firstly, it must be stated for those living in a cave or on Mars, that underlying this incident is Christian-Western-Europe's present existential Crisis--the prospect of being swamped in the upcoming two to three generations by foreigners, especially followers of the false prophet Mohammed. Mohammedans are predicted to become absolute majority populations in many West European countries the latter part of this century. This powerful Catholic bishop declaring that Dutch people should call God "Allah" is obviously doing so in an attempt to "win friends with the Muslims". Why would a supposedly-trinitarian Papist wish to win friends with the unitarian, Pope-denying, Christ-denying Muslims? As is usual with the Church of Rome, the answer lies more in politics than in theology. Rome sees which way the demographic winds are apparently blowing. Muslims in Europe are increasing in number and power and influence by the day, while the native populations of Europe are getting older and fatter. Many countries in Europe see more citizen-deaths than citizen-births per year nowadays. The native populations of Europe today are mostly non-religious and steeped in degenerate, amoral culture. They are in stagnation or outright decline in many ways. Meanwhile the enemies of Christ from the south and east are marching under the banner of their crescent moon into Europe. In olden times, kings of lavishly-rich but rather soft city-states and petty kingdoms used to pay "tribute" to marauding groups of fierce warriors, to accommodate the outsiders and keep their grip on power. Apply the same logic to the present situation, and this otherwise-inexplicable proclamation by the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands makes more sense.

This brings up the issue of Catholic (dis)loyalty to non-Catholic institutions. Can Catholics really be relied on to be loyal to a non-Catholic State? (The Netherlands is by law officially protestant, the Queen is the head of the Dutch Church, as in England). Can Catholics be relied upon to be loyal a non-Catholic people amongst whom they live? (Think Guy Fawkes, an Englishman through and through, but as disloyal as they come to the English people--his own people-- as he tried to murder the King and the entire government of England). There is only one inevitable answer to this question, and its repercussions for America should be worrying to any patriot.

This Bishop of Rome is a Dutch man by kith and kin, presumably going back countless generations. He is in a prestiged position of power. Yet he freely and openly displays a rather shocking disloyalty to his own people. But he *is* being loyal to the Catholic religion. In this case, the Catholic Institution in Dutch-speaking territory is simply manifesting its centuries-long and ongoing disloyalty to the Dutch Protestant state, which first gained independence thanks to Protestant revolutionaries in the 16th century, and fought long and hard against the forces of The Pope to maintain that freedom. The Catholic Insitution in any country is loyal first and foremost to itself, and "to hell with the 'heretics'".

The long story short is that this incident was NOT an irrelevant, isolated incident in which some eccentric Bishop made a bizarre statement. It represents and crystalizes an important religio-political point with regards the Catholic Church's relationship to and loyalty to non-Catholic governments and peoples.

Original AP news story transcribed here:
THE HAGUE, Netherlands—A Dutch Catholic bishop who once said the hungry were entitled to steal bread and advocated condom use to prevent AIDS has made headlines again, this time by saying God should be called Allah.
"Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn't we all say that from now on we will call God Allah?" Bishop Tiny Muskens said in an interview broadcast this week. "God doesn't care what we call him."
In this nation where religious tolerance has been eroded in recent years by a rise in radical Islam, the comments drew little support.
Muskens, bishop of the southern Diocese of Breda, previously created a stir by suggesting the hungry could steal bread to feed themselves. He also supported the use of condoms as a way of reining in the spread of AIDS and suggested popes have term limits of 10-15 years and an age limit of 85.
In an interview broadcast on Monday's edition of current affairs show "Netwerk," Muskens said he had worked in Indonesia where God is referred to as Allah in Christian services.
But a spokesman for one of the capital's leading mosques said he was not happy with the statement.
"We didn't ask for this, a spokesman for the Moroccan Mosque in Amsterdam told De Telegraaf. "Now it is as if we have a problem between Muslims and Christians."
Gerrit de Fijter, chairman of the General Synod of the Dutch Protestant Church, also rejected Muskens' suggestion.
"I applaud every attempt to encourage dialogue with Muslims, but I doubt the sense of this maneuver," De Fijter told De Telegraaf.
Neither De Fijter nor Muslim community leaders returned calls seeking comment Wednesday.
Speaking to a local television network Wednesday, Muskens said he was pleased his comments had sparked debate.
"That they are interested in how to get along with God, that is a positive result," he told Omroep Brabant.
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That bishop is in cahoots with the Protestant Queen!

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